RAM Global Enterprises LLC 

International Investment Banking Consulting Firm 

 100+ years combined experience providing financing solutions for Development Projects          

Real Estate, Energy, Technology

  • UNIQUE 100% FINANCING FORMULA -RAM has developed its own unique financing formula which provides 100% Financing for any Development Project without putting up any cash or collateral.

  • BUILT OWN BUSINESSES - Uniquely qualified to underwrite and access risk due to the Principals and Partners personal experiences in building multiple companies from the ground up.

  • REAL ESTATE, ENERGY, TECHNOLOGY - The types of companies that the Principals have built.

  • FINANCIAL MODELING - RAM develops its own detailed financial model to assure success in any Offer or Underwriting proposed.

  • DEBT OR EQUITY - Capital investments can be structured as Debt only, or Debt and Equity without the restrictions of a loan to value formula.

  • CUSTOMIZED - RAM is able to customize its financing structures to meet the needs and the timelines necessary for each business interest it accepts.

  • BILLIONS FUNDED - Combined funding between the Primary Partners with RAM has exceeded several Billion Dollars USD.

  • WEALTH BUILDING INVESTMENTS - RAM provides an education about Private Financial Instruments to Qualified Investors for consideration that are looking for pure wealth accumulation, with double digit returns, leveraging their cash in a non-risk opportunity.

  • INTERNATIONAL FOOTPRINT - RAM works internationally and can address projects world-wide.

  • AUTOMATED WEBSITE - RAM has developed online forms and applications to help expedite our Engagements.

             E:  Direct: (602) 826-1144

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